This Free resource consists of a printable newsletter with Reading Tips For Parents – tips on how to encourage their children in both junior and middle/senior classes to read.It contains suggestions on how to help with reading, how to make reading fun and how to choose reading material.

There are two versions for both junior and senior pupils – one is A4 sized and the other is A5 sized (two pages per A4 sheet). For the A4 version, print back to back onto A3 sized paper. For the A5 version, print back to back onto A4 sized paper.

If you wish to let parents have this free resource, please give them the link to this page for them to download themselves. Please do not upload this resource to your school website.

All files in .PDF format.

Junior Pupils 01 (A4 version)

Junior Pupils 02 (A5 version)

Senior Pupils 01 (A4 version)

Senior Pupils 02 (A5 version)