Welcome to Seomra Ranga, the Hub for Primary School Resources. For the overseas visitors “Seomra Ranga” means “classroom” in the Irish language.

Seomra Ranga has been successfully providing tried and tested resources for primary school classrooms since 2007. Since that time, the site has gradually built up a strong following amongst educators as a repository of quality teacher-created resources. The resources on the site, which support all areas of the curriculum, are arranged in accordance with the curricular provisions of the Irish primary school….

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Human Development

This display resource is aimed at pupils in middle and senior classes. It can be used to help teach the RSE (Relationships and Sexuality Education) section of the SPHE curriculum dealing with new life. It consists of thirty one display posters, including images and text, covering the nine month development of a baby.

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Roman Numerals Resource Pack

This new resource pack is intended to support a unit of maths work on Roman Numerals in middle and senior classes. It contains 26 different files with 658 pages of resource material. The pack contains display resources, pupil activities and resources as Gaeilge.

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Book Review – When the Lights Went Out in Europe

This is a book review on “World War 1 – When the Lights Went out in Europe, Liam and Aoife’s Second Adventure” by Rod Smith. This book is about a brother and sister, travelling back in time to fight in World War 1 with their great grandad Tom. They experience what life was like in the trenches and meet some heroic figures from the war. read more…

Book Review – Silly Sammy

Sammy is a mischievous puppy that brings happiness and a little frustration to the residents of Bertsville. Sammy likes to start her day with the ultimate treat, buttered toast. This gives her the energy needed to show Bertsville her playful side. The butcher and other business owners see Sammy as a nuisance read more…

Book Review – Dare to Dream

“Dare to Dream” by Sarah Webb is a selection of stories about Irish people who took on the world and won! It is a really entertaining book with lots of information and knowledge. It is different to the kind of books that I normally read but I very much enjoyed this new genre. It is non-fiction told in a story-telling kind of way, which I really loved. read more…

Book Review – The Night-time Cat and the Plump Grey Mouse

We decided to review “The Night-time Cat and the Plump Grey Mouse – A Trinity College Tale” by Erika Mc Gann and illustrated by Lauren O’Neill as a family. We all love reading and I am lucky enough to read both at home and school daily. Upon initially looking at both the cover, and cover page, of our new exciting book, we were curious about the time of day. read more…

Book Review – Union of Worlds: Deception

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Union of Worlds: Deception” by Kieran Ryan. It was an amazing book with lots of twists and turns. The story is about two teenagers called Lizzie and Daru. They were living on a planet called Crade but one day the Prince of Crade came to visit their town read more…


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