Welcome to Seomra Ranga, the Hub for Primary School Resources. For the overseas visitors “Seomra Ranga” means “classroom” in the Irish language.

Seomra Ranga has been successfully providing tried and tested resources for primary school classrooms since 2007. Since that time, the site has gradually built up a strong following amongst educators as a repository of quality teacher-created resources. The resources on the site, which support all areas of the curriculum, are arranged in accordance with the curricular provisions of the Irish primary school….

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An Aimsir

Bíonn múinteoirí go minic ag plé leis an aimsir sa seomra ranga – b’fhéidir ag déanamh “An Nuacht” sna bunranganna nó ag déanamh réamhaisnéis na haimsire sna hardranganna. Bain úsáid as an acmhainn seo chun foclóir na haimsire a mhúineadh

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“Have” Questions

This resource contains a set of 50 questions beginning with “Have”. Its aim is to focus in on one particular type of question and to help pupils to construct appropriate sentences as answers, rather than simply a “yes” or “no” response.

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Resources for Drama

Over the past year, as I have been creating new resources for the site, one area which I identified as needing some new resources was the area of drama. This is probably one curricular area in which lots of teachers need some support read more…

Resources for Novels

There are lots of resources on the site for a variety of class novels. They cover novels suitable for different age groups throughout the school. The resources include teacher guides, literacy exercises, quizzes, read more…

Book Review: Spuds and the Spider

This book is aimed to captivate the post Montessori pupils. It is a very creative, fun and descriptive story. The story is about a leprechaun couple and a spider. It exemplifies the mantra of ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. read more…


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