Welcome to Seomra Ranga, the Hub for Primary School Resources. For the overseas visitors “Seomra Ranga” means “classroom” in the Irish language.

Seomra Ranga has been successfully providing tried and tested resources for primary school classrooms since 2007. Since that time, the site has gradually built up a strong following amongst educators as a repository of quality teacher-created resources. The resources on the site, which support all areas of the curriculum, are arranged in accordance with the curricular provisions of the Irish primary school….

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English Assessment Test 01

This English Assessment Test, suitable for pupils in a senior class, aims to assess pupils’ abilities in a number of areas of English language. There are sections to be completed on Synonyms, Antonyms, Matching Words With Meaning, correcting Spelling Errors and Putting Words into Sentences.

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GAA Activity Booklets

“My First Gaelic Football Match” and “My First Hurling-Camogie Match” are newly-published GAA-themed picture books. Based around the central characters of Senan Mc Coy and Kayla Doherty, the picture books aim to inspire both a love of reading and a love for Gaelic games. read more…

World Cup Resource Pack

This new resource pack contains lots of different World Cup 2022 activities and files for display in the classroom. It contains 46 different resource files (in English and Gaeilge) totalling 841 pages of World Cup resources. These resources would be perfect for a scheme of work based around the soccer World Cup 2022 starting in Qatar on November 20th.

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Book Review – Izzy’s Magical Soccer Adventure

The story is about a girl who loves sport. She starts playing soccer for her local u10 soccer club. One day one of the U12s are out sick for an important match so Izzy has to step in and play for the U12s. Izzy was feeling very nervous but played very well in the match. Something that happens during the match means Izzy is feeling sad afterwards. read more…

World Cup 2022 Table Quiz

Soccer’s World Cup 2022 begins in Qatar this weekend so it is a great time to mark the tournament over the next month with a Table Quiz. This resource comprises eight rounds of six questions, a Tie-Break round, Soccer Jokes between rounds and answers to all questions on 152 Powerpoint slides. It is geared towards pupils in the middle/senior end of the school.

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Soccer Themed Dolch Word Mats

Dolch words are a list of 220 “service words” developed in the 1940s by William Dolch. They consist of a series of sets of words which are considered to be vocabulary which occurs most frequently in children’s reading material. With the soccer World Cup coming soon, this resource contains each set of words on a single page with a soccer theme.

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Book Review – Lily Takes a Chance

“Lily Takes A Chance” by Judi Curtin is the fourth book in the “Lily at Lissadell” series. This book is told from the point of view of the protagonist, Lily Brennan. Lily Takes A Chance is about a young girl working in Lissadell to provide money for her family. Recently, Lily’s friend Harry returned to Lissadell read more…


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