Welcome to Seomra Ranga, the Hub for Primary School Resources. For the overseas visitors “Seomra Ranga” means “classroom” in the Irish language.

Seomra Ranga has been successfully providing tried and tested resources for primary school classrooms since 2007. Since that time, the site has gradually built up a strong following amongst educators as a repository of quality teacher-created resources. The resources on the site, which support all areas of the curriculum, are arranged in accordance with the curricular provisions of the Irish primary school….

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Dolch Loop Cards Resource Pack

Dolch words are a list of 220 “service words” developed in the 1940s by William Dolch. They consist of a series of sets of words which are considered to be vocabulary which occurs most frequently in children’s reading material. There are eleven sets in this pack with 21 cards in each set.

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Pass A Compliment Boards

The idea of passing on a compliment to other pupils is to foster empathy and respect in the classroom. It gives pupils the responsibility and the opportunity to compliment another pupil on their work or their attitude. Giving a compliment also has positive benefits for both the giver and the receiver in terms of their own sense of wellbeing. read more…

Book Review – A Dublin Fairytale

Nicola Colton has put a Dublin spin on the well known fairytale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Fiona is the little girl in this story with a sick Granny. Fiona must go to the Moore Street market. She must buy the ingredients her Granny needs to make ‘a special witches brew’ and bring them to her to get better. read more…

Book Review: Race the Atlantic Wind

“Race the Atlantic Wind” by Oisín Mc Gann is a novel about a sixteen year old girl Maggie living with her aunt and uncle on the island of Newfoundland. Her uncle has just come back from World War 1, when their small island becomes the setting for the world’s biggest news story. Aviators are coming from all over the world to attempt to fly 1,800 miles non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean. read more…

Mata Focal – Ag an gCluiche

Sa chomhad seo tá foclóir ag baint le turas go dtí cluiche peile/iomámaíochta. Bheadh sé oiriúnach do dhaltaí a bhéas ag déanamh scríbhneoireacht cruthaitheach sa seomra ranga nó ag déanamh saorscríbhneoireacht. Cuideoidh sé freisin le teanga ó bhéal, agus na daltaí ag déanamh comhrá beag faoin gcluiche.

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Box Labels

This resource consists of subject labels for your boxes of resources, covering all subject areas including some seasonal and miscellaneous labels. The labels are square shaped and are slightly larger than A5. There are sets of labels in both English and Gaeilge, making 100 pages of labels in total.

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Maths Alphabet (Junior)

This resource consists of a visual alphabetic maths display of maths items and terminology, aimed at pupils in junior classes. There are 62 posters for display – there is more than one item for some letters of the alphabet, so the teacher can decide which one to include in the display.

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