The Know Your Ireland app for iPad, launched in September, has just been upgraded and version 1.1 is now available for purchase from the iTunes App Store. When the app was launched in September, I wrote an App Review where I lauded the launch of an Irish Geography app but was a bit disappointed that the information to be learned on the app was a bit limited. However, the app has now been upgraded and added onto it is information on provinces, towns & cities, mountains and rivers. I’m delighted that this new upgrade has been possible and it certainly makes the app more attractive. Well done to Luke and the team at Edware for working hard on bring this upgrade to the market.

To celebrate the launch of the upgrade, Edware has given Seomra Ranga three Promo Codes for the Know Your Ireland App. This is a Twitter-only competition. To be in with a chance to win one of the three promo codes, Tweet the answer to the following Christmas teaser to @seomraranga immediately after I release this post around 8pm.

  • Start with the number of days in the song about Christmas
  • Christmas is sometimes called Xmas. Times your answer by the value of X in Roman Numerals
  • Divide your answer by 2
  • Add the number of Wise Men
  • Take away the number of days in December
  • Add the date of Jesus’ birth
  • Double your answer
  • Multiply by the number of Santa’s reindeer