Spring Flickr Lunes

Some time ago, I became aware of an iPod app through Twitter (through Mary Farmer who will be attending this year’s CESI National Conference) called Flickr Lunes. The app is an undeveloped app with loads of potential, created by John Johnston. It’s a really simple app to use and the pupils love it. I’ve written a separate post previously all about the app.

We had previously used the app to create some Lunes at Hallowe’en so this week we re-visited the app to create lunes on the theme of Spring Animals. We made a list of all the young animals that are born in spring and divided them out among the pupils. We just had to quickly revise the concept of the Lune, but the pupils had remembered it quite well. They got to work and within a couple of minutes had created great looking Lunes. We printed them out and hung them proudly on the wall. This video shows the art work completed by Rang II and Rang III using this app.