Safe Boating

Seomra Ranga is pleased to announce that it has received permission from Irish Water Safety (IWS) to include their powerpoint classroom resources on the site for teachers to download freely. These resources should be of great benefit to primary school teachers to use in the classroom. It should be emphasised that all of these resources were entirely created by IWS and they remain the copyright of IWS. I am very grateful to IWS for being so generous to allow these resources to be made available to teachers through this site.

There are eight powerpoint presentations in all, four in English and four as Gaeilge. They are all suitable for use in the SPHE curriculum, under the Myself Strand, Safety and Protection Strand Unit. These resources are:

These powerpoints are especially effective for use on an Interactive White Board or digital projector. Each slide contains a large cartoon format picture and a safety rule. I used some of these myself in the classroom and the pupils found them particularly engaging. There was a great challenge trying to guess the rule by looking at the illustration first before showing the accompanying safety rule. The presentations also are a great starting point for class discussion on the theme of safety. All of these resources can be located in the FREE section of the website or can be accessed through the links above.