I Am An Artist is a website set up many years ago to support primary teachers in the delivery of the Visual Arts curriculum in the classroom. The website is certainly worth a visit for teachers to gain a better insight and overview of the Visual Arts curriculum and to gain some inspiration for some of the Strands that you may be less familiar with.

The layout of the website is very clear. All six Strands of the Visual Arts curriculum are covered. There is a continuity to each section of the website which makes it really easy to navigate. Each section contains:

  • Videos
  • Look and Respond
  • Can You?
  • Let’s Play
  • Plan a Lesson
  • Glossary
  • Visit

The short videos can be used as a stimulus or inspiration for a lesson on that Strand. The “Look and Respond” section is where pupils can explore the work that artists have done on that Strand. The “Can You?” section gives pupils a step-by-step process to create a piece of art. The “Let’s Play” section provides links to games based on the theme of that Strand.

The “Plan a Lesson” section has downloadable lessons for teachers of different class levels to explore each Strand. The “Glossary” section gives examples of key terminology that could be taught as part of a lesson on each Strand. Lastly, the “Visit” section provides external links to other websites based around each Strand.

The website also has a “Project Ideas” section with further ideas on how to explore the different Strands of the Visual Arts curriculum.

In summary, the I Am An Artist website should be part of every teacher’s toolkit when planning Visual Arts lessons in the classroom. Visit the website here: I AM AN ARTIST