A nationwide campaign has been launched to get Irish primary schools involved in the “Our Shoes” Appeal. The campaign aims to get pupils to collect their pre-loved shoes/boots/runners and donate them to needy children in townships in South Africa. The mission of the campaign is to “bridge continents through the power of individual acts of kindness”.

What they are looking for:

  • Used but in good condition children’s sports shoes (runners, sneakers, football boots etc.)
  • Just ask yourself would you be happy for your child to still wear them, if they hadn’t been outgrown.
  • Clean shoes – they need to be reasonably clean i.e. no obvious dirt or muck, check the soles
  • Shoes need to be tied together securely via the laces, with cable ties or strong elastic bands.

It is really easy for schools to get involved in this worthwhile and rewarding campaign. Schools who wish to become involved need to register their school on the Our Shoes website. Once registered, you can start collecting shoes/runners in your school. There are lots of resources on the Our Shoes website to help with your campaign in school such as curriculum ideas, lesson plan, poster, suggested email message to parents, suggested WhatsApp message, leaflet etc.

Once your collection of shoes/runners is completed, you just let Our Shoes know that your runners are ready for collection. A courier will collect them from your school between Monday April 29th and Friday May 10th.

So, get your school involved in making a practical difference in the lives of less well-off children in Africa.

Full information on participation in the project is on the Our Shoes website.