Have you ever tried doing some Digital Art with your pupils? I originally came across the Weave Silk website ten years ago when it was recommended on Twitter by the late, great Bianca Ní Ghrógáin, who was always a mine full of the greatest digital ideas. I’ve tried this digital art with my pupils before and they really enjoyed it.

This is a really simple website to use to create great pieces of digital art. No matter how many times you use it, you’ll always come up with something different and interesting. Even kids who think they are no good at art will be pleased with their creations.

Simply by dragging your mouse on the screen, you create a symmetrical drawing. By clicking on the Controls button on the top left of the screen you get some options for your digital art. Within this section, you get a Colour Wheel to change the colour. In this section you also have a slider which allows you to draw from a range of no rotational symmetry up to six fold rotational symmetry. This might integrate with doing work on symmetry in maths. You also have options to “Mirror Across Centre” and “Spiral Towards Centre”. The pupils will have some fun exploring these options.

When you are finished drawing you have a couple of options. If you click on the “Save Picture” icon on the top left of the screen, a thumbnail appears, and you just right click the thumbnail and save the image to your PC/Laptop. The second option is to click the “Share” button. This allows you to share your image via email, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. This also gives you the URL to the image. When you insert this URL into a website or blog, it allows others to see, step by step, how you created the image. An example of how I created the first image above is HERE

When you save the image, there is a lot of black widescreen background, so I edited the images to make them more square with less black background.

This is a great website for creating digital art which I’m sure both you and your pupils will enjoy. You can access the website HERE