This FREE set of English Task Cards is aimed at pupils in junior classes at the beginning of learning to read. The cards are intended to be used as a fun game/task to consolidate their knowledge of three-letter words. There are 32 cards in the pack, four per A4 page.

All of the 32 cards in the pack ask pupils to decode the three-letter word that is written backwards. The aim in playing the game is to develop fluency of thought and to introduce a fun element by “reading backwards”.

Many of the words in the pack are CVC words (put, jam, hat), one is a VCV word (ice), one is a  VCC word (its) and one is a CVV word (see).

Pupils may also spot that a word can be the same written backwards as forwards (tot) and that some words, when written backwards make a different word (pay/yap, pit/tip).

Answer cards are provided in the pack to be used if the game is being played in a group.

These cards could be used as a language game, as a warm-up for an English/reading lesson or for working with a group during Literacy Station Teaching. They would also be perfect for use in live online lessons.

It is recommended that the cards be cut out and then laminated so that they can be used again and again.

If you think that the cards are too large, you can reset your printer preferences to print out two sheets per A4 page.

The full version of this resource has 100 cards in the pack and is accessible to Members HERE.

There is also a Powerpoint version of this resource for Members to download HERE.

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