This FREE resource is aimed at pupils in junior classes or SEN/ASC pupils who are struggling with the consolidation of early number. It is based on the numbers 1-5. There are seven activities in the pack. The resource is based on a theme of farm animals.

Laminate pages 1-7; cut out the images/number boxes on page 8 and laminate those also. Laminate a piece of A4 card to act as the selection board.

Use page 1 as your teaching page to teach the numbers 1-5. Use activities like pointing and counting to familiarise the pupils with the numbers.

Place Velcro in the blank boxes on pages 2-7 as well as to the rear of the images/number boxes from page 8. Adhere all of these onto the laminated Selection Board.

Pupils then have to match the numbers to the pictures on page 2 and match the pictures to the numbers on page 3. When they are confident with those activities, do the activities on pages 4-5 where the images/numbers are in reverse order and the activities on pages 6-7 where the images/numbers are mixed up.

These activities are a great way for pupils to consolidate their understanding of early number in a fun way. It is also good for fine motor skills in the selection of answers from the Selection Board.

This video demonstrates how to put these activities together and how to use them.

The full version of this resource contains seven more similar packs featuring other farm animals. This resource is available HERE

(.PDF file 415 KB)