These Maths Task Cards are aimed at pupils in middle/senior classes. They are intended to be used as a fun game/task to reinforce and consolidate the concept of place value in numbers. There are 16 cards in this Free version of the pack, (100 cards in the full version) four per A4 page, using the numbers 100 – 1000.

The number in focus is coloured red and underlined so that it stands out for the pupil.

These cards could be used as a mental maths game, as a warm-up for a maths lesson or for working with a group during Maths Station Teaching.

It is recommended that the cards be cut out and then laminated so that they can be used again and again.

If you think that the cards are too large, you can reset your printer preferences to print out two sheets per A4 page.

(.PDF file 653 KB)