This free resource is a stamp collection card to be used as a classroom management technique and as a motivational tool. It’s one that I use effectively in my own classroom and gets pupils to buy into the idea of a token economy, that everything has a worth.

There is a grid on the card with space for pupils to collect 30 tokens. The teacher can decide for what the pupil earns a token. It’s important that pupils see that they don’t only earn tokens for academic work, as less able pupils will not buy into the idea. So, in my own classroom, pupils can earn a “stampa dearg” for: good work, neat handwriting, good effort, improved work, effort at oral Gaeilge, good art work, good singing, good behaviour, showing kindness, neat work area etc. Sometimes, I can give one to a group for something or to a whole class. I sometimes even have a raffle for a stampa dearg!

When pupils get 15 stamps, they earn a homework pass and again when they reach 30 stamps they get another homework pass. This is motivation in itself. Try this out and see how you get on.

The two pages in the resource need to be photocopied back-to-back onto card. There is one card with a boy image, one card with a girl image and one card with both a boy and a girl, giving the teacher the choice of which to print out for their own class. There are also homework passes which can be downloaded as rewards.

Cárta Stampaí Cailíní – .PDF file 227 KB

Cárta Stampaí Buachaillí – .PDF file 227 KB

Cárta Stampaí Páistí – .PDF file 242 KB

Homework Passes – .PDF file 272 KB