“Race the Atlantic Wind” by Oisín Mc Gann is a novel about a sixteen year old girl Maggie living with her aunt and uncle on the island of Newfoundland. Her uncle has just come back from World War 1, when their small island becomes the setting for the world’s biggest news story. Aviators are coming from all over the world to attempt to fly 1,800 miles non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.

Maggie’s imagination is captured by all the planes and pilots. She wants to get as close as she can to the mesmerizing aircrafts but her uncle Patrick doesn’t want her to go near them. He fears she will only get hurt just like he did. When John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown arrive at the island, Maggie makes friends with the interesting pair. Once the men have set out on their journey for Ireland they will have to face strong winds, freezing weather and overheating engines. Can the two men make it in time to win the £10,000 prize?

I thought “Race the Atlantic Wind” was a terrific book. I particularly enjoy historical-fiction novels and this book really delivered. I loved learning about the planes and the excitement surrounding the dawn of the age of aviation. I loved how the author went back and forth between narrators, this allowed the reader to see Maggie’s perspective on what life at home and work was like. You also got to see Alcock and Brown’s point of view as you read about their tough trip across the Atlantic.

Overall I thought that this book was a wonderful read. It was captivating from start to finish. I would definitely recommend it, even if you aren’t interested in planes and flying. I really enjoyed this book and hope you will too.

By Katelyn, 5th Class, St Brigid’s N.S., Singland, Co. Limerick

Race the Atlantic Wind” by Oisín Mc Gann, published by O’Brien Press, is now on sale for €8.99.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher, O’Brien Pressfree of charge to Seomra Ranga for the purposes of this review