The Little Book Of Irish Saints was a small book which I found very enjoyable. Each chapter is about a different Irish saint who did great things in Ireland. In each story they tell you about the saints life and some of their greatest deeds or miracles.

I learned a lot of things about the different saints that I did not know; including:  Saint Valentine married people in secret, that saint Brigid was actually in trouble a lot when she was younger, and that Saint Kevin held his hand still so a blackbird could nest for many months! They are just some of the cool facts that I learned.

I also thought it was nice how they tell you when they were born and when they died. I think the chapters were the right size, and that the pictures were placed very well. They also helped to give me an idea of what the characters looked like, though I think the quality of them could be a bit better.

My favourite part was when, on page 20 “Saint Ita”, it said: “One day Ita was on  her way to the dairy and, while passing a place called Tournafulla, some people from there set their dogs on her donkey. He was so frightened that he ran away and when Ita found her donkey again he was lame. She was so angry that she cursed the town of Tournafulla. So it seems that even saints get angry sometimes, just like everyone else!”

That last bit made me think, saints aren’t just saints, but are human beings too. The glossary told me what a lot of words meant as well.

I would rate this book 9/10, and would give to kids aged for 7+ years.

By Eabha, 5th class, St. Mochulla’s NS, Tulla, Co. Clare

The Little Book of Irish Saints” by Maria Hoey, published by Poolbeg , is now available to purchase for €4.99

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher, Poolbegfree of charge to Seomra Ranga for the purposes of this review