In my school setting we’ve been using some of the resources on the Instant Display website for some years. One of the main ways that we use this website is to download lettering for wall and notice board displays.

The site has a vast array of lettering sets to suit any sort of classroom display that you are doing and these lettering packs are all free to download. In the Lettering Sets section of the website there are sixteen different themed sets of alphabet letters and numbers to download.

These range from animals, plants, nature, colours, maths, science etc. Within each of these lettering sets, there is also a large selection from which to choose. So, for example, in the Plants section there’s a choice of 60 different lettering sets.

Example of lettering being used for a heading

The site would be well worth a visit for the lettering sets for classroom displays alone. However, it also has other nice free resources under various curricular areas – you can browse through these using the navbar on the left hand side of the website.

In the Literacy section, there’s a nice display pack on writing genres; in the maths section there’s a resource on the properties of 2D shapes; in the religion section there’s a pack explaining world religions; in the ICT section there’s a pack on Internet Safety and another on Smartboard Rules. You just have to explore the website to find lots of great resources for your classroom.

Example of lettering being used to deliver a message on difference and inclusion

The site also has some other nice resources that you can purchase for a nominal fee. For example, the art section contains poster sets for some artists like Gustav Klimt, Peter Paul Reubens, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol and Georges Seurat among others and these poster sets cost £2 Stg.

If you’re not already using the Instant Display website, it’s well worth a visit for some lovely resources.