Outdoor Classroom Day
, a worldwide day with a focus on learning and playing outdoors in school, takes place on Thursday May 18th.

Its aim is to give teachers and pupils an opportunity to try learning outside the classroom for the first time. For others who regularly learn and play outdoors, the day will be a celebration of what they are doing already and a chance to inspire other schools to get involved. For everyone, Outdoor Classroom Day will show how easy and amazing it is to spend time outdoors every day.

The Outdoor Classroom Day website has lots of resources for teachers to help them plan the day – ideas, lesson plans, posters, web banners, certificates, games and web links to other resources. With such worrying news about childhood obesity, a fun day of learning and playing outdoors might be the encouragement some children need to spend more time outdoors.

The website also has a great “Get Inspired” page which includes links and photos from Social Media showing children engaged in lots of fun activities outdoors, activities which could be used as an inspiration for your own school’s Outdoor Classroom Day.

Check out the Outdoor Classroom Day website for more information.