A very successful CESI (Computers in Education Society of Ireland) Conference was recently held in Dublin. “Making Connections – Transformation Through Technology and Teamwork” was the theme of the conference. The Regency Hotel was the venue on Friday night for the CESI Teach-Meet where there was a great variety of two-minute, seven-minute and fifteen-minute presentations. This is a fantastic format as everything was quick-fire and it certainly held your attention.

The venue on Saturday was the St. Patrick’s College DCU campus where the keynote and capstone addresses bookended a day which was certainly inspirational, thought-provoking and challenging. Simultaneous workshops took place during morning and afternoon sessions so it was impossible to make it to all of them. Feedback was generally positive about all of the workshops and presentations. Congratulations to the Executive and the Conference Committee of CESI for organising a great conference.

To give a flavour of the conference, some of the following were recommended by various speakers at sessions that I attended on both Friday night and Saturday:

I gave a presentation on Saturday entitled “Digital Magpie – Stealing the Ideas of Others” where I presented a range of ideas for using educational technology in the classroom – ideas which had been “stolen” from other educators either at conferences or through Twitter. This presentation is available below: