This book was about a girl called Mollie and her friend Nora. Mollie has an ordinary life until she discovers that her sister, Phyllis, is a suffragette. Mollie’s world changes in ways she couldn’t have imagined as she discovers the lengths that women have to go to for their basic human rights.

This book was a riveting read. The part that I liked best was when Mollie was spying on her sister Phyllis, and decided to follow her … it was exciting to find out that she was a suffragette fighting for women’s rights!!

When Phyllis got mad at Mollie for following her into the area where they met and discussed women’s rights I found it a little bit difficult to read and I felt that Phyllis was quite unkind to Mollie.

I felt that Phyllis wasn’t upholding women’s rights in this part of the book because she was not letting Mollie join the fight. I understand now that she feared for Mollie’s safety but I felt that Phyllis should have treated Mollie better and should have understood that Mollie herself was becoming a lady and had a right to fight for her rights.

The main character of the book reminds me a little bit of Nelson Mandela and his kindness and also his fight for human rights.

The author gave a very clear message throughout the book about women’s rights and the rights of human beings in general. It was an important and thought provoking read and I really enjoyed the depths of the subject matter.

By Bailey, 5th Class, Letterkenny Educate Together National School