GulliverReviewImage1I read the book “Gulliver” which is a kids story based on a classic book written by Jonathan Swift. This story which has been retold by Mary Webb. The story is about a man called Gulliver who gets stranded on the island of Lilliput. The people living on the island are very small so Gulliver is a giant to them but he becomes their prisoner.

I enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down. I really liked the illustrations as they helped me to imagine what the characters looked like. My favourite part of the story was when the main character, Gulliver, did a dance. That was really funny! I also liked the bit when Gulliver ended up on the Land of the Lilliput.


The book has a ribbon that you can use as a bookmark which I think is a very clever idea. I recommend this book for children aged seven and up.

by Fraser, aged 10, Ransboro NS, Sligo, also one of the Saucepan Kids