TwitterThe communications team at Twitter in Dublin have made contact to let us know that Twitter is hosting #EducationDay on Thursday, October 15 in Ireland and across Europe. #EducationDay will celebrate the role that Twitter can and, indeed, already does play in the classroom. Be it through student-centred participation or teachers sharing their experience and resources every Monday night on #EdChatie, the platform has already become an invaluable tool to educators and their pupils alike.

Schools are using Twitter to communicate with the outside world. Whether a modest school in a rural community or a large one in the heart of Dublin, schools are finding their voices on Twitter. They’re sharing the fruits of their work, what they’re learning and cooperating with other institutions in Ireland and further afield. Twitter enables a more efficient pooling of resources and experience, leading to better learning outcomes for both students and teachers. It also increases the confidence of students as they navigate an online world that is now more and more defined by social spaces like Twitter.

Participation in #EducationDay is free and easy. Throughout #EducationDay on October 15th Twitter is looking to celebrate education through Twitter by asking schools to share photos of things in the classrooms or Tweet with an interesting fact they learned that day. Another way of getting involved is to follow the hashtag #EducationDay and also interacting with other schools across the country.

This sounds like a great idea which will give a snapshot of education throughout Europe on one particular day. Seomra Ranga is delighted to support this initiative.