the_lost_fairyI recently read “The Lost Fairy” by Marian Broderick to my three and half year old sisters. This highly entertaining fairytale follows Flora on a journey as she realises that she needs friends to help her regain her rightful perch on the Christmas tree.

Even though it looks like a “girly” book, the book is easily read by both boys and girls aged 6 and over. It would also be enjoyed as a bed time story for younger children, like my sisters. This exciting, humorous story is highly captivating and kept me turning the pages. The detailed illustrations added more excitement to the story.

In conclusion, I felt it was a little short but could easily be made into a series. What is this story going to be? A best seller in my opinion.

By Paddy, 2nd Class, St. Colman’s BNS, Kanturk, Co. Cork