only_evaOnly Eva is the latest book from Judi Curtin. It’s about a girl called Eva and her friend Ella. One day Eva and Ella are at school and a new girl comes from Nigeria, called Aretta. When Eva and Ella make friends with Aretta , they want to hang out with her after school but every day she has an excuse and always rushes off as soon as school is over. Eva and Ella are very curious as to why Aretta does this.

So one day Eva and Ella follow Aretta home. Eva and Ella were very shocked to find out that Aretta lived very far away. Aretta lives in a very isolated place that is for asylum seekers. When Aretta sees Eva and Ella following her she is very angry and embarrassed. She doesn’t want anyone from school to see where she lives. It turns out Aretta left Nigeria eight years ago and had to leave her mother behind because she was sick. She came with her brother who is 19 and her father. Her brother had to go to Dublin to go to college. Aretta’s father has been depressed ever since he came to Ireland because he isn’t allowed to work. He used to be a garden designer when he was in Nigeria. Also he has been missing his wife and son.

Suddenly Eva comes up with a brilliant idea. Eva and Ella know a woman called Maggie who is in a wheelchair. Maggie lives alone in her house and since an accident she hasn’t been able to look after her garden. As Aretta’s father is depressed he never leaves the place where he lives, so Aretta tricks him into going to Maggie’s house. When he gets to the house he is ecstatic and gets straight to work. Aretta sees her father smiling and is so happy because he hadn’t smiled for so long . After a few months Aretta’s father built the garden which is very easy for Maggie to get around.

I have to say I really enjoyed the book! I am a big fan of Judi Curtin and have read the Alice and Megan series. Last year I emailed Judi Curtin and got a reply from her! She was delighted to hear that I enjoyed her books. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read her latest book.

written by: Aoibhinn, Rang a Sé, SN Iorball Sionnaigh, Scotstown, Co Monaghan