Breaking News GeneratorThe fantastic Class Tools website, run by Russel Tarr, has today launched another great addition to its stable of interactive resources for the classroom. The latest addition to the website is its Breaking News Generator. This application allows the teacher/pupil to generate an image that looks like a still from Sky News.

This tool is so easy to use, and yet the end result is so effective. You simply have to fill in five text boxes and upload a background image to create your very own Breaking News picture. Once you have created the image, you can choose to download it, get a URL for it or Tweet the image.

The possibilities for using this tool as a response to aspects of the curriculum is endless. I have done a quick example above that could be completed as part of a SESE History theme on the Great Famine. It could be used as a response to a novel in English, in SPHE, SESE Science or Geography or in Gaeilge as in the example below.

Breaking News 02

This would be a great and easy way to integrate a simple technology into the classroom. Try it at