Behind the Walls“Behind The Walls” by Nicola Pierce was set in Derry 1689, Northern Ireland, which even though this book is fiction, the setting was very realistic,especially for the situation that was set. It was very interesting, It made me sit down and think a lot more than I would have with a regular book. It made me consider my religion as I am a Catholic. I also thought about what I would have done under those circumstances.

I could imagine each and every character clearly as the descriptions in the book were very graphic, the emotions, even though they were simple words placed on a few pages, it was almost as if the characters were in front of me.

The conversations in the book were very interesting and realistic, the town (village) was described just perfect for that time. I grew really attached to some characters but I also grew to despise some as well. Every moment was exciting and to be truly honest, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

If I were to rate this book,it would be 4.9/5

Kayleigh, Rang VI, Gaelscoil Bhaile Brigín