SongsI’m always delighted to learn of new resources websites or sites that I hadn’t heard of before – and this is especially true when such a site is to assist with the teaching of Gaeilge in schools. So when a substitute teacher in our school informed me of the Songs in Irish website, I knew I hadn’t come across it before.

I’m not sure who runs the site, but it’s a great site for primary teachers or teachers of Gaeilge in secondary schools. It’s a repository of songs in Irish of all genres – sean-nós, traditional, children’s songs & lullabies and Christmas songs. They also have translations of lots of modern pop songs into Gaeilge. Translations of the lyrics of the songs are provided.

A nice addition is the provision of embedded YouTube videos for lots of the songs on the site. I’d imagine lots of teachers would like to bookmark this site to refer to it all year round. However, in the run-up to St. Patrick’s Day, this site could be an invaluable resource to teachers.

Visit the site at Songs in