CESI 2015 ConferenceIt’s been almost a month since the great Computers in Education Society of Ireland (CESI) annual conference in Galway. It was a whirlwind of tips, ideas, links and resources from the workshops, presentations, keynote addresses and the excellent TeachMeet on the previous night. I’m only now getting around to looking back at some of the ideas I picked up over the weekend.

The following is a list of links that were mentioned at the conference – it is not an exhaustive list by any means, it just reflects the presentations/workshops that I attended. However, I hope this list will give a flavour of the boundless possibilities there are to integrate technology into the curriculum in a fun and interesting way.

A Google A Day – a puzzle game from Google

Brain Den – brain teasers and riddles for kids and adults

My Daily Riddle – solve riddles written in verse

Search Education in Google – instruction in how to search for academic sources

Office Mix – a free add-in for Powerpoint

Blockly – Scratch-type games

Plickers – easy assessment tool

App Inventor – create apps using this MIT tool

Starlogo TNG – modelling and simulation software

Linkbunch – put multiple links into one small link

The Internet’s Own Boy –  YouTube video about internet sensation Aaron Swartz

Tim Rylands Links – links mentioned in Tim Rylands keynote address

Switcheroo Zoo – create new zoo animals

Tag Galaxy – browse Flickr photos in 3D with this Flash application

Clevr – create and share panoramic photos

Arounder – 360 degree panoramas of the world’s top attractions

Google Treks – trek to sites all over the world with Google maps

Photosynth – create 3D panoramas or synths

Build Your Wild Self – build a character with animal traits

Zookazam – educational AR App that allows you to learn about animals

Bibliotech – digital library

Google Advanced Search – make your search even more specific to find the content you need

Simple English Wikipedia – plain English version of the online encyclopaedia

Spicynodes – create and share radial trees on the web

Snappy Words – free online visual dictionary and thesaurus

Thinglink – annotate image and video content with notes and rich media links

Zooburst – digital storytelling tool to create 3D pop-up books

Nature Sound Map – hear sounds from different habitats around the world

Go Mix It – create your own unusual sound mixes

PDST Links – links from the PDST presentation on using images/video in the classrom

Duchas  – digitised version of the National Folklore Collection from  1930s schoolchildren

Photosphere App – create 360 degree panoramas

Skitch App – anotate and share images

Geoguessr – geography discovery game using Google Street View

Smarty Pins – trivia game based around Google Maps

EdPuzzle – create a lesson/quiz from any video

Animoto for Educators – create great videos from your images

Instagrok – visual search engine

Flipsnack for Educators – convert PDF documents into Flash page flip digital publications