Rugby RebelBook title: Rugby Rebel
Main characters: Eoin, Brian, Dylan, Mr Finn, Kevin Barry, Mr Carey,Rory
Author: Gerard Siggins
Setting: Castlerock

When Eoin and Dylan go to a rugby camp at school, they notice that their phones have gone missing. When they are searching the room they heard a phone ring coming from under the bed. When they looked under the bed they discovered a secret trap door under the bed, but it was sealed shut.

Eoin and Dylan discovered a secret trapdoor under the bed. Two days later, there was a note on the bed that said. “Twist the rose on the fireplace then push down on two sides of the trapdoor.” Eoin and Dylan went down a set of stairs and found a large door sealed with a large lock. When they got the door open they discovered something very surprising.

The rugby final is coming up for the JCT squad when the star player gets injured. Eoin’s friend Rory has to fill in, but there’s too much pressure and he hasn’t been training. Mr. Carey makes a disturbing discovery. He calls a crime investigator to the school who found a few clues around to help to fit the pieces of the Castlerock puzzle together.

My opinion of this book is that it is very mysterious and full of things that made me wonder. I was on the edge of my seat reading it. I would definitely recommend it for other young readers who enjoy a good mystery novel.

By Dane, 5th Class, Scoil Fhursa