St. Brigid's CloakThe life of Saint Brigid is celebrated on February 1st. Brigid is regarded as Ireland’s female patron saint and is highly regarded for her spirituality and her service to the poor. The following resources may help your pupils learn about Brigid and her life. The video below also shows how to make a St. Brigid’s Cross. (if you don’t have reeds, I’ve made perfectly good ones before with long art straws)

Seomra Ranga Resources

St. Brigid’s Cloak (Powerpoint Presentation)

Naomh Bríd (Powerpoint as Gaeilge)

St. Brigid (Short Poem)

St. Brigid (Long Poem)

Other Resource Links

Limerick Diocese – (PDF all about Brigid)

Ask About Ireland (A whole unit of work on St. Brigid)

Biography of St. Brigid