Project 252Enda Donlon, a member of the CESI executive, has embarked on a year-long project that is designed to crowd-source a list of Edtech tools in order to compile an A-Z directory. It’s called ‘Project 252’ and the project homepage can be found at .

Every 2 weeks for the 52 weeks of the year (hence 252) there will be a focus on one letter of the alphabet (starting with A and going through to Z). For the two weeks that each letter is featured, participants will be invited to submit the details of an Edtech tool (for instance, an app, Web 2.0 service, software package, etc.) that begins with that letter. All submissions will be compiled into an A-Z Directory of EdTech tools that is searchable by a number of criteria. This directory will be available to all via the project homepage.

For the current two-week period (Monday 5th January – Sunday 18th January) Edtech tools that begin with the letter A are being sought. Participants can submit the details of an Edtech tool at by either logging in using their Twitter account or by submitting anonymously.

All contributions are welcome and are quickly published on the site. Even f someone has already submitted the details of an edtech tool that you really like, it’s still OK to submit it as you may have used it with a different age group, or in a different way, or for a different subject, etc. The more contributions that can be gathered, the more helpful the final A-Z directory will be.

This will prove to be a great resource bank of Edtech tools for teachers by the end of 2015

If you have any queries, email Enda at , or by Twitter at @proj252 or @donenda, and you can follow along on Twitter using #proj252