Edublog Awards Best Individual BlogSeomra Ranga has again this year been selected as a finalist in the international Edublog Awards in three different categories: Best Individual Blog, Best Teacher Blog and Best Ed Tech/Resource Sharing Blog. The Edublog Awards were set up to promote and celebrate the value of blogs and social media in education. Seomra Ranga previously won the overall Best Individual Blog at the Edublog Awards 2012.

Many thanks to those who nominated Seomra Ranga for different categories this year. Now is the time to ask for your votes. If you are a regular visitor to Seomra Ranga, it would be great to show you appreciation by voting for the website. As in previous years, it is up against some “heavy hitters” from the US and the UK, so it would be amazing to feature in the final selection.

Voting is open until 11:59pm EST on Monday, December 15th. Voting is the same as last year with public voting being compiled using the website. You must login or create a account to vote – apparently this is the only way it can be made fair so that people can only vote once per finalist per category.

You can vote for Seomra Ranga directly in this post. In the boxes below, click on the “Thumbs Up” symbol (under each image, on the left). When you attempt to vote, you will just be asked to sign in to using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (Gmail) or LinkdIn account. Once you give Listly permission to access your account, the screen will disappear, and you will be redirected back to the voting page. (Don’t worry—no personal info, pictures, etc. is revealed by doing so.) Then click on the “thumbs up” icon again to officially cast your vote.

Following a “Thanks for voting” message, the icon will turn blue indicating your vote has been received. If you wish, you can click on the numbers next to the “thumbs up” icon to check out your voting record.

Please share this link with other teachers who use Seomra Ranga and get them voting too!

Best Individual Blog 

Best Teacher Blog