Fuaim U AppFuaim-U and Fuaim-C  are Irish phonics apps that follows a phonic programme for children learning to read and spell in Irish. They begin with basic CVC words and progress to longer words, multisyllabic words, words with aspiration and lenition, broad and slender words and then the variations of spelling for the long vowel sounds.

All the words are in standard Irish but Fuaim-U focuses on Ulster Irish and Fuaim-C focuses on Connacht Irish and the correlation between pronunciation in both dialects and standard spelling. Most of the games are applicable to all dialects and some to Ulster/Connacht  Irish only. The other two main dialects are due to be developed.

COGG  has provided funding for the development of these apps. The apps are only available for Android devices in the Google Play Store at the moment. As I have an iPhone, I have not been able to personally see these apps working. However, teachers may decide to download the free version of each before purchasing the paid version using the links below:

Fuaim-U (free version on Google Play Store)

Fuaim-U (€1.99 on Google Play Store)

Fuaim-C (free version on Google Play Store)

Fuaim-C (€1.99 on Google Play Store )