Zig and Zag: The Fridge in a Denim JacketThis was a great book. It was hilarious because it had lots of jokes. I thought the speech bubbles were very funny. The pictures were very detailed and colourful. This would be suitable for kids aged 6 to 10. I would give it 9 out of 10.

By Naoise

It was a good book with lots of funny jokes. It would make you laugh so much. It had excellent pictures. It’s a nice short book. Out of five I would give it five. Best book I ever read in my life.

By Ellen

The Zig and Zag book is full of jokes and they are very funny. There are also some stories like “Goldilocks and the Three Teds”, “The Wibbly Wobbly Monster” and lots of other stories. There were two cavemen named Giz and Gaz who made up all the jokes in the book. I recommend this book to an eight year old child. I really enjoyed the book.

By Susannah

Reviews by pupils in 2nd Class, Ransboro NS, Sligo