The Secret GiftAbout
Ross Bentley has learned to harness his supernatural gifts but as he is drawn ever further into a web of deceit and corruption he realises he must get out. So he disappears and turns his back on the ‘Guild’ in order to escape his past. In this the third fast-paced adventure in the ‘secret’ series by Ian Somers, a friend calls in a favour of Ross supposedly for one last task. But all is not as it seems and Ross must choose which side to fight on. Will he turn his back on the Guild forever? Or will he fight to save the Guild members who have kept so much from him?

The Secret Gift is an exceptional book. I didn’t know that it was the third book in a series but now that I do I am extremely excited to read the first two books. Ian Somers is an amazing author to have written something like The Secret Gift. It is fast paced and insightful and I would recommend it. The Secret Gift is different to other books that I usually read and I’m sure that I would have enjoyed it more if I had read the first two books, so out of ten I would probably give it a seven and a half.

By Jade, St. Brigid’s Primary School, Kildare Town