Eco DEco Detectivesetectives is an interactive education portal designed to introduce primary school pupils to the issues of Climate Change and the Environment. Firmly embedded in curriculum learning objectives, the website aims to provide pupils with valuable knowledge and skills and the ability to think critically about their own actions within their community.

The website was piloted over a two-year period in primary schools where teachers were able to link the resource to the areas of SESE Geography and Science as well as Maths, Language and SPHE. The site is broken down into four sections for the different class levels: junior/senior infants; 1st/2nd class; 3rd/4th class; 5th/6th class. There is a downloadable workbook for each of these class levels with suggested lessons for the teacher.

The workbooks include learning objectives for the lessons and show teachers which Strands/Strand Units the lessons fit into. Great images and links to suggested websites are also included. Worksheets, games, handouts and images all form part of the packs.

The site includes some downloadable resources: an excellent set of photo cards that would enhance any geography/science lesson; a set of enquiry process cards; an eco detective board game.

Four interactive games also form part of the site: Identify Mini-Beasts; The Greenhouse Effect; Life Cycle of a Butterfly; Making Bread. They all contain information for pupils to learn as well as incorporating a fun element into the learning.

This website is one for teachers of all levels to bookmark as it contains great resources for teaching aspects of the SESE Geography & Science curricula in particular but also could be integrated into the teaching of other parts of the curriculum.

The website is available in both English and Gaeilge and can be accessed HERE