Milo and the Pirate SistersThe Milo Adventures: Milo and the Pirate Sister.

Main Characters:
Milo: Clever, fun and loving boy.

Shane: Funny, loves food, caring boy.

Big Ella: Shane’s Gran, strong-minded and caring lady.

Mister Lewis: Delicate ghost, caring and friendly.

This is a story about two boys named Milo and Shane, who have a good friend named Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis is a ghost and has been around for over 100 years. He can go invisible and he has a big bunch of bees and they stay in his hat. The bees lives with Mr. Lewis in an old tower, people believe that the tower is haunted. Milo and Shane come to visit Mr. Lewis everyday, they talk about school and lots of other things. Milo and Shane know two boys from 6th Class who are very mean to them. The mean boys names are Crunch and Wedge.

One day, Crunch and Wedge were being mean to Milo and Mr. Lewis scared them. Milo and Shane thought this was very cool. Mr. Lewis was being troubled by two pirate witches and that’s when Big Ella, Shane’s Gran stepped in to help. She scared away the witches.

Milo and Shane had a soccer match where Shane was the goal-keeper and made some great saves. Milo gave a good pass which led to a goal. Mr. Lewis, Big Ella and the pirate sisters were all at the match to support Milo and Shane and of course, their parents. Milo and Shane’s match had a happy ending and everyone planned to go to Big Ella’s house for tea.

I think this story is very good and I would recommend my friends to read it. The two boys, Milo and Shane, are great friends and look out for each other. It is enjoyable to read about boys that are the same age as me. It is exciting and interesting and you want to know what happens next!

By Aijay, 3rd Class, Limerick School Project