Irish Grammar AppIrish Grammar (Gramadach na Gaeilge) is a relatively new app that is available for both Apple and Android devices. It presents grammar rules section by section, explaining the rules in simple English, followed by practice quizzes at the end of each section. There are more than 1,000 grammar exercises contained in these quizzes. At the end of each quiz, a summary and explanation of answers is given.

The app covers a wide range of Irish grammar including

The Past Tense (An Aimsir Chaite)
The Present Tense (An Aimsir Láithreach)
The Future Tense (An Aimsir Fháistineach)
The Conditional Tense An Modh Coinníollach)
Numbers (Na hUimhreacha)
Possessive Adjective (An Aidiacht Shealbhach)
Lenition & Eclipsis (Séimhiú agus Urú)
Irregular Verbs (Na Briathra Neamhrialta)
The Copula (An Chopail)
Prepositions (Na Réamhfhocail)
Useful Phrases and Sayings (Nathanna Úsáideacha agus Seanfhocail)

It’s always great to see a new app for Gaeilge come on the market, especially when there are so few available. Although primary pupils are mentioned in the iTunes blurb about the app, I do feel that a lot of the app may be a little above primary school pupils.

However, I think that this would be a great app for primary teachers as a teacher resource and reference. I certainly learned some rules from the app that I either didn’t know or had been unsure about for years. For this reason, I think that this app would be great for teachers in their lesson planning and preparation.

This app is available for iPad and iPhone/iTouch on the iTunes store. An Android version is also available on the Google Play store, both costing €3.59.