DojoCon 2014The 3rd Annual International CoderDojo Conference (DojoCon) is set to take place on Friday October 3rd (evening) and Saturday October 4th in Sligo. The conference will gather together Parents, Mentors, Educators, Technologists and pretty much anybody with an interest in CoderDojo. The theme for the Conference is “Look to the Stars; Enthuse, Create, Collaborate“. In particular the conference aims to get people on the ground to learn and share what works and encourage the enormous number of new Dojos with their stories.

The Conference has gathered together an impressive list of Speakers including Bill Liao (Co-Founder CoderDojo), Mary Maloney (CEO CoderDojo Foundation), Debbie Forster (UK Managing Director, Apps for Good), Dave Shepherd (Head Frontline Help, Barclays UK Retail Bank), Stephen Howell (Academic Engagement Manager, Microsoft), Chris Gregan and Ronan Pearce (Co-Founders, Snozbot).

DojoCon 2014 kicks off with a meet up on the evening of Friday October 3rd with a series of fast paced “ignite talks” from a variety of speakers from throughout the CoderDojo community. Thinkers, coders and educators will be presenting ideas, each with no more than five minutes to inspire. No slides, no fuss, and no gimmicks! Saturday, October 4th includes Keynote and Capstone addresses as well as “Streams” under the headings of Education, Technology and Community.

Tickets for the two-day conference can now be purchased online at the Conference Eventbrite Page. More information on the CoderDojo Conference can be found on the Conference Website.

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