Black WreathThe book is about a fair haired boy that lived in the 1700’s called James Lovett. He was the son of Lord Dunmain and the heir to the Lord Dunmain title. His father was a horrible man and for money he left his only son to live on the dangerous streets of Dublin. James had to somehow try to stay alive.

One day as James tried to earn some coins at his friend’s Harry’s stall and was polishing people’s shoes, a cruel man came over and shouted at James that he didn’t polish his shoes properly and threw the coin into a puddle. The man later came out as James’s uncle who became the Lord Dunmain after the death of James’s Father even though James should be the next Lord Dunmain. Before James’s father died he told James’s uncle about James.

One day James was made to join the Darcy Gang and lied at court to save the leader Jack Darcy. After one of the members found out who James was, James had to escape. He lived at the house of the Purcells. But his uncle found him and sent him as a slave to America. After months of hard work at the Mackenzie’s farm, James escaped with the help of John, beautiful Sylvia , Harry and Mc Allister and came back to Ireland. With the help of Darcy his aim was to get back his rightful title as ‘Lord Dunmain’.

I loved the book and would recommend it to everyone interested. It was a sad book because of what happened to James. I think James was very brave and worked very hard to survive. James used his friends’ help and without them would not have survived his journey. I thought the book was very exciting and couldn’t wait to get to the end. On the cover of the book it says that James’ life was stolen and this is very true. This book is suitable kids 11years or older.

By Joanna, 6th class, St Patrick’s G.N.S, Dublin Road, Limerick.