Viva AliceThe main characters are Alice and Megan who are best friends. Alice and Megan like hanging out together. Alice lives in a small apartment and Megan lives in a big house. Alice and Megan’s moms are both obsessed with something. Alice’s mom is obsessed with everything having to be clean and Megan’s mom is obsessed with organic foods.

When Alice’s mom wants to throw a party it becomes a disaster. Megan has to step up and help her out by helping to organise and calm her down. However, when Megan was asked to go to Lanzarote her mom declines because she has a health and safety issue. She does not like the idea of Megan being near anything that may be even slightly dangerous. Of course this really annoys Megan. After Alice’s mum convinced Megan’s Mum to let Megan go, she is delighted and the adventures begin!!

A girl called Melissa bullied Megan. This left Megan very much afraid of Melissa and very uncomfortable when she was around. In Lanzarote Grace’s brother Gavin was sad because he broke up with his horrible girlfriend. Alice, Grace and Megan hatched a plan to block all internet sites so that Gavin couldn’t look at pictures of his old girlfriend. They hoped that this would help to cheer up Gavin and that he might enjoy the holiday. They also had a plan to have Gavin give Megan swimming lessons. This actually turned out to be a great success and I wasn’t expecting it to be.

Gavin finds a girlfriend and went to a party with her but didn’t know he was leaving the girls on their own. While Gavin is away Dad falls and he has to go to hospital. The girls are forgotten about in the middle of all this!! They got locked out on the balcony for the night and Megan got mad at Alice for trying to help Melissa. Out on the balcony the girls were freezing cold and lonely. When the girls got home Melissa made up with Megan after helping Melissa to change schools.

I thought Viva Alice was good because it was about family, friends and loyalty. I dislike Melissa because she used jealousy as a tool to bully. I highly recommend this book and I rate Viva Alice 9/10.

Emma, 4th class, Belclare NS, Co Galway