Values, Money & MeExperian, a global information services company, has this week launched a new website aimed at educating primary school children about managing money. Piloted by teachers and pupils of Our Lady Immaculate Senior National School in Darndale for the past six months, Values, Money & Me aims to help young pupils deal with earning money, budgeting and saving through stories and engaging activities.

Values, Money and Me uses the characters and settings of the Pride Place Community. Through their lives and dilemmas pupils can explore their experiences around money and how they feel and react to it. The resource helps pupils to explore the world of money within the context of personal and ethical values. Pupils will begin to appreciate the, sometimes complex, emotional and moral dilemmas that we all face in relation to money.

There are 9 units as a resource in this website, each comprising of a set of lessons, linked to activities embedded in the site, to be delivered as a whole in the classroom. An interactive storybook is associated with each unit which sets the scene for the learning. Learning Tools and Teacher Resources accompany each unit and these explain to the teacher how to split the unit into lessons for particular age groups within the school. They also outline the Strands and Strand Units associated with each lesson so that teachers can embed the lessons within their classroom planning. The site also has quizzes which it is suggested are taken before and after the lessons so that the teacher can accurately assess how the pupils have learned.

This is another great resource website for teachers which has obvious links to English, Maths and SPHE curricula in primary schools. Visit the Values, Money & Me website.

This video explains how the UK version of the website is being used by primary schools there.