The Milo AdventuresIn “The Milo Adventures: Milo and the Raging Chieftains”, Milo, his friend Shane and Mr. Lewis get stuck in the 1400’s in Rois castle. Despite many attempts they cannot get out of this tricky situation. They also find Ms. Lee, Milo and Shane’s class teacher are also stuck in the 1400’s. Their only way out is to find the third portal. The problem is that nobody knows where the portal is. King Roc was looking for the grant to take Rory Rua’s castle. Only Ms. Lee knew who had the grant. Ms. Lee had hidden the grant in her boot!! When Milo’s ghost friend, Osgur, finds the grant they escaped from the 1400’s and got back to their own time. Shane and Milo were so relieved to be back. Ms. Lee was also back teaching again and things were back to normal. Shane and Milo were delighted.

Milo was a very brave character and he was a frustrating character also. He would never turn his back on his best friend Shane or his other two friends Osgur and Ms. Lewis. Shane is a funny character. Shane is also a very trusting character. Shane’s hobbies are riding his bike and eating cakes and sweets. Mr. Lewis is a scary character. He is a ghost. When Milo and Shane are in trouble Mr. Lewis would give them some help and scare them away.

The biggest problem in the story is when Milo, Shane, Osgur and Mr. Lewis get stuck in the 1400’s. All of the characters are frightened and confused when this happens. They got stuck in the 1400’s because they decided to do a favour for Mr. Lewis. When they arrived in the 1400’s they meet Ms. Lee and she has the grant. They find three portals and the third one is the one that gets them home. They found it very difficult to find the third portal. When they do find it they don’t know how to activate it. The grant is the key to activating the third portal and getting them home.

There are a lot of good pats to the story but my favourite part is when Milo, Shane Osgur and Mr. Lewis were entering the castle in the 1400’s. As they enter, the soldiers ask them what their names are. Shane shouts,’We come from a land afar, full of YouTube and Big Mac burgers’. I thought this was very funny because the soldiers didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

I would recommend this book because it is easy to read, funny and gives good descriptions of the characters. I would rate this book 8/10.

By Josh, 3rd class

Milo and his friend Shane go to an old castle in the middle of their local town. Milo, after exploring a little bit, finds his old friend Mr. Lewis. Before he knows it, he is in the 1400’s helping Mr. Lewis to fight back an old castle belonging to an old king named King Roc. A simple grant separates Roc from the castle. This is the reason Milo and his friends have travelled into the past. They have gone back to stop Roc from gaining the grant and most importantly from gaining the castle of Rory Rua.

Milo is an honest person but not the bravest person ever. His friend Shane is similar but is less courageous as he was scared out of his skin when they entered the portal to bring them back into the 1400’s. Shane was extremely frightened until they finally got back to the 21st century. Mr. Lewis is a very determined individual. However, he can’t do much due to the fact that his hands go through absolutely everything unless he wears gloves which allow him to hold and touch solid objects. Osgur is the son of Rory Rua, the king of the castle. He shows the most bravery out of the four characters. He has pointy ears and red hair. At first Milo and Shane thought he was a girl!!!! With his pointy ears and red hair he looks just like his father, Rory Rua.

When they eventually reach the castle of Roc to find the grant, (a piece of paper which is the property of Rory Rua), Milo and Shane are disguised as entertainers and while they are entertaining, the two ghosts turn invisible and poison the food of the soldiers. However, Roc spots Osgur and recognises him and before they know it they are all locked up in the dungeon. In there they find Milo and Shane’s teacher, Ms. Lee. She has the grant in her possession and now they can get back to their own time. Just as they finally reach the portal Roc almost catches them in an exciting chase.

My favourite part of the story is when Shane and Milo meet Mr. Lewis and Osgur. This was funny because they all thought Osgur was a girl because of his appearance. I would recommend the book for children aged between nine and eleven because there are good descriptions. It is also easy to read. I would rate this 8/10 because I found the book very exciting.

By Eimhin, 4th class

Book reviews by pupils of Gary Sice, Belclare NS, Tuam, Co. Galway