Rugby WarriorEoin Madden is young boy who aspires to play for Ireland’s rugby squad in the future. While becoming captain of his school rugby team he has to put up with his friends and the dilemma of whether or not to tell the coach to put them in the starting 15.

Eoin Madden goes to Castlerock Secondary School and his dream is to become an Irish rugby player when he is older. This is Eoin’s second year going to the school and in the first year he kicked the winning penalty in the Aviva stadium to win the Father Geoghegan Cup. Eoin wasn’t really into rugby until he came to Castlerock School but he had always liked GAA.

While going to the Aviva, his mate Rory told Eoin that he had seen a ghost named Brian who died while fighting in World War 1 and also played for the New Zealand rugby squad. The ghost had told Rory that no-one had ever seen him until this day and he had been haunting the stadium for a long time. When Eoin became captain of the squad he took the place of the school bully Richie who had given Eoin a hard time during the first year of secondary school. As Eoin’s second year was starting he met a new mate named Dylan who lived close to Eoin. They became best mates and Eoin told Dylan to join the Rugby team but there was a problem with the positions because Dylan played scrum half and so did Rory so they would have to earn their place on the starting 15.

The team also had a new coach who played for the All Blacks (New Zealand). Eoin was having a hard time during the new year because all the boys in the rugby squad thought that Eoin picked the starting 15 for the year. Their rivals were St. Oscar’s school, which they had played in the final to win the cup. During the school year, Eoin and his mates all had to do a history project which they did by themselves but Eoin picked a topic that he thought would win the Young Historian of the year prize. Eoin’s topic was to write and find facts about the Famous person Dave Gallaher. Eoin’s friend Dylan grew up not talking to his dad because he always fought with Dylan’s mum. Every night Eoin went to the library to find information for his project and he found a book called “The Complete Rugby Footballer”. To find out what unfolds you must pick up the book and read it.

My favourite part of the book is when Eoin Madden meets the ghost that Rory had told him about when he saw him during the final of the cup.

I would recommend this book to anybody who likes rugby or sports books and anybody who likes good detailed facts.

I would give this book 9/10 as I found the book quite easy to read, as the language used by the author was quite simple for my ability.

By Keane, Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál, Inchicore, Dublin