Playground Markings And Traditional GamesA booklet called “Playground Markings and Other Traditional Games” was developed by the Health Promotion Unit of the Health Service Executive (HSE) South in 2009. It quotes a French author who says that:

“It should be noted that children at play are not playing about; their games should be seen as their most serious minded activity.”

The booklet gives instructions on how to do a variety of playground markings. It’s obvious from reading the booklet that when it originally came out, a series of stencils accompanied it. However, the booklet gives instructions and measurements that may allow schools to still do these playground markings.

Playground markings include The Compass, Activity Circuit, Hopscotch, The Maze and The Clock. Accompanying each of these markings are games which can be played using the markings like Compass Ball, Hopscotch Relay, Wolf & Rabbits and Cat & Mouse. Instructions on how to play each of these games is included in the booklet.

The booklet also contains instructions on how to play sixteen other traditional playground games and skipping games. Some of the games include Snatch the Bacon, Prison Wall, 40/40, Follow the Leader, Under the Moon, Over the Stars, Vote for DeValera and Teddy Bear. Some of the skipping games also include the rhymes that go with them.

In an age when people, including schools and teachers, are concerned about children’s level of physical activity, this resource would be a great addition to schools. Teachers could teach some of these games as a PE lesson and pupils could play them during the break times on the playground.

The booklet can be downloaded HERE