Teaching CouncilSection 30 of the Teaching Council Act 2011 will finally come into effect on January 28th this year. After many delays, Minister Ruairí Quinn finally signed the commencement order for this part of the Act on November 1st 2013, meaning that Section 30 is legally operative from this date. This means that the Department of Education and Skills (DES)  and the Education and Training Boards (ETBs – formerly VECs) will be prohibited by law from paying unregistered people employed in teaching positions in schools on or after that date, except in specified circumstances and for very short time periods as provided for in the Unregistered Persons Regulations (see circular 0052/2013).

Unregistered teachers should apply immediately to the Teaching Council for registration before the commencement of Section 30. It is reported that the Teaching Council will continue to prioritise applications from employed teachers, where teachers being paid from public funds provide clear evidence of their employment (e.g. current payslip). Enquiries about registration should be emailed to section30@teachingcouncil.ie