PaperZipPaperZip is another website I’ve only recently come across that offers free downloadable classroom resources. Launched in 2011 and based in Scotland, the website offers resources in a range of curricular areas such as literacy, numeracy, geography, science and history. It also has some seasonal and themed resources. On first glance, resources seem to be of a good quality and are downloadable in Zip format. Within the Zip file, the resources are in PDF format.

However, a nice touch with this website, which I haven’t seen in other similar websites, is the inclusion of the resources in PNG image format which allows you to use the images to create your own digital resources. So, for example, there’s a lovely new Spring alphabet or Bingo Ball Numbers and images of these letters and numbers are included in the downloadable Zip file so you could create your own flashcards, banners or headers that are specific to your own classroom.

Other nice resources that I came across on the site are “A Note From My Teacher” cards, Paper Wristbands, Harry Potter Bookmarks, Train Daily Timetable, iPad Writing Template and a cool iPhone Activity Pack. There isn’t a large volume of resources on this site, but what is there is really nice and I think that teachers will like them.

The website is at You can also connect with the site through Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.