Dear Zoo AppWe’re doing some work based on the book “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell at the moment. We found lots of great resources on the internet based on the book and I’ve also created some more which are available on this website.

However, almost by accident, I found that the book was available as an app on the iTunes App Store. It has all the magic of the book itself, but it also has the interactive aspect where the pupil can touch the cage, basket etc. to reveal the hidden animal. The pupil can also hear the animal sound on the app. The pupil has the option of having the book read aloud or having the book read to them.

There is also a puzzle section on the app where there are two matching games. In one, the pupil has to reveal matching pictures of the animals featured in the story. This aids in the development of working memory and visual discrimination. The second game requires the pupil to match the picture of the animal with its name. This is also good for development of sight vocabulary.

This is a simple enough app, but our kids are really enjoying it. The app costs €4.49 and is available for iPad on the iTunes Store. I couldn’t find it on the Google Play Store.