Colm's LambsColm’s Lambs, by Anna McQuinn and illustrated by Paul Young, tells the story of a newborn lamb that might not survive. I enjoyed reading this book because it’s funny, but at same time sad. I really liked the main character Colm; he is kind and good at farming and looking after lambs. The dad has a good sense of humour, and he is also kind like Colm. However I was not so fond of Daisy and Molly, the cousins, because they are always asking questions! The illustrations are very well done and I learned a lot about the animals.

I would read more books in this series, and would recommend this book to others. Overall, I’m giving it 8 out of 10.

Review by Hugh, 3rd Class, St. Patrick’s NS Glencullen


Title: Colm’s Lambs.

Author: Anna Mc Quinn.

Setting: At the farm, the field and the house.

What happened: Colm lived on a farm. He was 8 years old. He had a brother who was 7. His brother was a computer wizard. At the time there were lambs being born on the farm. Colm was obsessed with animals. He was very excited. One day he went to the field and a lamb was not breathing. His dad had to tell him what was going on but Colm did not want to listen because Colm knew what he was trying to say. He went back to the house to get some tea. His dad had already told his mum and she was upset too. Colm asked if his friends could come over to see the lambs. Mam said yes. They came the next morning when a lamb was being born. After the lamb was born they went up to the field to visit. They saw the lamb and then they went to the other field and saw a lamb on its own. Colm ran to his dad to tell him. Colm said to give the lamb to the ewe that’s lamb died yesterday, which they did.

What I liked: I Liked that Colm cared for his animals.

My Favourite characters: Colm and Daisy

Signed: Kerry, 3rd Class, St. Patrick’s NS Glencullen

Book published by O’Brien Press is available HERE