Céad BriatharThe Céad Briathar app is as it says on the tin! – an app that helps you learn 100 verbs as Gaeilge. The 100 verbs are arranged alphabetically either in English or as Gaeilge. Each of the 100 verbs are shown in the aimsir chaite, aimsir gnáthchaite, aimsir láithreach, aimsir fháistineach, agus an modh coinníollach.

The foirm dearfach, foirm diúltach, foirm ceisteach are also shown for each tense of every verb. There’s a section for each verb called “Eile” which contains the aidiacht bhriathartha, ainm briathra agus an modh ordaitheach.

There’s also a “Favourite Verb” section which, I presume, allows the user to save the verbs that they use most often. I’m guessing that I wasn’t able to use this feature as the app is optimised for iPhone 5 – I have an iPhone 4S and an older iPad so I couldn’t use this feature on either device.

Given that there is a paucity of apps either in the Irish language or for learning the Irish language, this app is a welcome addition to mobile technology and will be especially welcomed by teachers. A nice future development might be to hear the verbs being spoken in the app, although this might prove difficult if people in different areas of the country wanted to hear the verbs spoken in their own canúint.

There is a free version of the app available but the full version costs €0.89. The app is available for iPhone/iPod, iPad and for Android devices.