AmpvilleThe Ampville website has been created by the ESB and the Curriculum Development Unit of Mary Immaculate College to teach pupils about Electricity and how to stay safe around electricity. Available in English and Gaeilge, the site includes games, experiments, quizzes, lessons and links to interesting educational websites.

In Ampville, there are seven buildings – Safety Zone; Experiments; Teachers and Parents; Glossary; Weblinks; Games; Factfiles. The Safety Zone teaches pupils about electric safety in the home, in the countryside, on the farm and in the town. The Games section features two online games. The Fact Files has two sections – The Electrical Journey, which shows how electricity flows from the power station to your home, and How Do Power Stations Work.

The Glossary section explains lots of terms about Electricity. The weblinks section has links to other websites with themes on electricity. The Experiments section has two experiments for pupils to conduct: Make a Torch and Test for Conductors and Insulators. The Teachers and Parents section has some free downloadable resources for the classroom. It also shows how to link working on the website with specific Strands and Strand Units in the SESE Science, SESE Geography and the SPHE curricula.

For teachers working on an electricity theme with their pupils, the Ampville website would be well worth a visit.