bardal_feirmeoraWalker Éireann have again kindly sponsored three book packs as Gaeilge as prizes for a competition on the site. Walker Éireann, an imprint of Walker Books, has again teamed up with Foras na Gaeilge and translated another four of their most popular picture books by Irish authors into Gaeilge. Walker Éireann has chosen some well-known books by four brilliant authors and illustrators – Martin Waddell, Sam McBratney, Michael Rosen and Niamh Sharkey – to be translated into Gaeilge. All of the books have been translated by well-known author and illustrator Gabriel Rosenstock. The purpose of the Walker Éireann imprint is to be both a way to celebrate these great authors’ work, and to build the perfect Irish language library for little ones.

Walker Éireann has kindly sponsored three book packs, each with one of the four following books, for the competition. They are:

1. Is Geal Liom Sibh Go Léir (You Are All My Favourites) by Sam Mc Bratney – This is a gorgeous, reassuring story about three little bear siblings, who one day begin to wonder how they can ALL be the “most wonderful bears in the whole wide world” to their parents. Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear must set about reassuring their three little bears – who are all different – that each one of them is equally special and equally loved. (Buy the Book Here)

2. Bardal Feirmeora (Farmer Duck) by Martin Waddell – There once was a duck who had the bad luck to live with a lazy farmer. While the poor duck works and works, through rain and hail, the farmer lazes about … barking out commands from his bed. But, one day, the other animals decide to take action! It’s time to stand up to that lazy farmer! (Buy the Book Here)

3. Cuil Bheag Óg (Tiny Little Fly) by Michael Rosen – When Tiny Little Fly sees great big toes (and lands on a great big nose), the poor elephant tries – tramp, crush, tramp – but can’t catch it. Off flies the fly! The teasing insect easily misses the rhino’s roll, squash, roll and the tiger’s swat, swoop, snatch too but…these very BIG animals are getting VERY annoyed! How will Tiny Little Fly’s adventure end? Will he get away and fly fly fly? (Buy the Book Here)

4. Ar An mBóthar Le Mavis Agus Marge (On The Road With Mavis and Marge) by Niamh Sharkey – Mavis and Marge are different from other animals. They want to go a-wandering. So off they go – over the hills, across the sea, and up to the moon they go, gathering a band of free-range friends on the way. But, suddenly, from across the milky way, home has a distant allure… (Buy the Book Here)

To be in with a chance to win one of these great book packs for yourself or your school/class library, simply fill in the form below with your details and answers to the questions. All entries for the competition must be in by 5pm this Thursday November 21st. Only one entry per teacher is permitted. Winners will be announced on Twitter after this time. Please make sure that you give a contact email address that you can be contacted on, on Thursday/Friday, as some teachers have missed out on prizes in previous competitions because they didn’t answer their email. Again, many thanks to Walker Éireann for sponsoring the books for this competition. You can follow Walker Éireann on Facebook and on Twitter.